A Savta’s Sighing and Sighting….

Measles, Terror Attacks, and Miracles…what do they all have in common?

After a very busy Chanuka Holiday with grandchildren galore, I have been busy with the aftermath of cleaning, laundry, simply trying to get the house straight before the next onslaught of Shabbat guests…One of my biggest worries was trying to understand half of my children who do not give vaccines; This morning I was finally able to get some kind of comprehensible explanation from a respected conventional Dr. who leans towards alternative; without going into details, I can now understand their viewpoint better and am relieved that in our developed part of the world the measles epidemic does not necessarily have to be considered life threatening for those who are taking care of health, diet, hygiene in general…

That was one of my biggest concerns… until the terror attacks started this week…they have “hit home” in the fact that it was our neighbor’s daughter who was seriously injured with her unborn baby who had to be delivered Cesarean and died last night. Given the name, Amiad Yisroel, he has certainly united our country. His mother, Shira’s twin in one of the many media reports enumerated so many miracles that had taken place with her survival…Today’s most recent terror attack near us in |Betel has shocked us all…

Here’s my “insightful” message: “Miracles, Big and Small, It’s hard to deny WHO’s Behind them All…being a “miracle baby” myself, there was no explanation how I survived almost 7 decades ago being born at the end of the 6th month weighing 1 pound, 12 ounces..When we can’t understand, when we feel helpless…having Faith in the One who created and runs the world…has helped…whether it is with children whose values may be a bit different than our own, or a time of such turmoil as we are feeling now. I just keep on praying that all will be safe, secure, healthy and happy; that those who are injured have a complete recovery and that true peace can happen soon….

Debbie Dan

Geriatric Consultant for Elderly Parents, Adult Children & Olim

Guidance about Living Options, & Community Resources

A Helping Hand with Debbie Dan

Israeli Cell: 052-391-9328

American Phone 347-448-4177

Email: debbiedan1@gmail.com 


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