Happy, Sad, “Crazy” times….

While here in Israel we are having summer weather in what is still “winter” time, I see that in Northern America there is snow….While we are still feeling the simcha(happiness) of Purim and new grandchildren in the family, I heard the sad news of the passing of 2 special “Southern” ladies on the same day…one in Greensboro, N.C. and 1 in Jerusalem {who we had known well from Memphis…..}

Bec Davidowitz who just passed away at the ripe old age of 96 was my mom’s good friend…She and her husband, Ben came to Danville, Va., opened a small jewelry store after working at first for another jeweler… Ben David’s Jewelry with much work and dedication became the biggest store in the area, now run by their 2 sons…Bec, such a warm, nice person was always a good friend to our whole family; they eventually moved to Florida where when my daughter did her national service there she felt like she had a “home” to visit.  I am sure that the many members of the Danville Aetz Chayim Synagogue of which she was an active member are greeting her in “olam haba”(the next world)

Ethel Schiffman at almost 95 was always an eye sparkling, positive, warm person both in Memphis and Jerusalem. She worked at the Memphis JCC for many years and when she and her husband Sid made aliya, they continued to work and volunteer..she was active and “spry” until very recently…Everyone truly loved her from her many great grandchildren to my children to all of her many friends and acquaintances…

We know that death is part of life…even when someone has lived such a full one…but it is still so hard to let them go…May their memory be a blessing for us all and may we remember all of the positives…..

Debbie Dan

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