Pensioner’s Pesach(Passover) Preparations…..

Why is this year different from all other years?  Most of our children are going to their in-laws for Seder…it was just one of our kid’s turns to come to us; he had just gotten married last year and went to his wife’s family when everyone else came to us. He did not want to be alone with us “old foggies” so that this year, he is again going to the other side so that next year we will all be together. Meanwhile, this year we are going to our daughter’s in Even Shmuel. In my opinion Seders are for the children and I am so happy to be with our lively 4 grandchildren there! Husband Herby is more than happy to hand over the Seder leading to our wonderful son-in-law who will surely keep it moving right along so that we will end earlier than usual wee hours!

Having a husband who loves his profession has meant that even though the “chometz” bakery is winding down to closing during the holiday, he is excited to try and bake all kinds of exotic Pesach recipes at home. For the first time ever, we are getting our kitchen ready a week earlier than usual so that he will have days to bake and even sell some of his goodies….that means I will be cooking dishes on top letting him have the oven…

Meanwhile, I am enjoying organizing the house and cleaning so thoroughly which happens at this once a year time-throwing/giving away what is not needed; appreciate the help of students for much of the really hard work(windows, ovens, etc)..Even though we are told that Pesach cleaning is not “spring cleaning”…how many of you really do such cleaning at any other time?

Wishing y’all a very Chag Kasher V’samaach(A happy, healthy Pesach to all)….