Summer Fun with Seniors and Grandchildren

For the first time since it’s inception I participated in “Yom Shlishi Im Shlaikes” which literally means “Tuesdays With Suspenders” which is a senior discount day….I went with a friend to see the movie “Wonder Woman” for just 10 shekel(movies are usually 29 shekel here); I am not a fan of violent movies but it was a proud feeling to see the now Israeli international star Gal Gadot…

Another fun day was going to the Israel Museum which is free for children during the month of August. The theme of “Cats and Dogs” mesmerized the kids with all kinds of activities ranging from looking into a screen, talking to your dog for 10 seconds while your face changes into that of a dog or cat(although one granddaughter had nightmares that night that her mom’s face changed!); a challenging escape room was good for the 12 year old while younger ones did arts and crafts, computers, a little show, etc…(I should mention that the entrance is free for kids and half price for seniors but inside extras cost 15 shekel a child)

One of the main roles of us “savtas” in the summer is having a “savta camp” Since there are no day camps for kids during some weeks of August when parents still have to work, many an exhausted grandparent can be seen having their own “camps”….not being used to just a different noise level in the house is a bit nerve wracking…Here in Betel besides a wonderful pool and park we also have a “pinat chai”(little zoo) which entertains all ages. Our 12 year old grandson loved helping his grandpa and uncles at the famous Herby’s Bake Shop which is right across from the pool which us gals enjoyed…when it was the guys time to swim he was more than ready to jump in.

Today I am about to make a dream come true while reminiscing about a wonderful childhood experience that I loved…the circus came to town once a year in Danville, Va. with all kinds of rides and one of my favorites was the carousel…it has been my dream to take a grandchild to the carousel at the First Station which we are about to do today….

Tip of the Day:  If life sometimes seems boring or a little too quiet, Have some grandchildren around to “riot”…then you’ll appreciate that quiet!

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