Stay Safe, Seniors!

During the first week of this simply terrorizing situation here in Israel, I stayed home, a bit nervous to go out but mainly due to the erratic public transportation. Folks were complaining how it took hours to get to or come back from destinations due to security checks or the fact that many buses were not running.  The next week, I could stay home no longer and was eager to get out to my regular busy schedule of learning, reunions, working a bit, etc I therefore, carry around my good ol pepper spray, making sure to wear something with a pocket so that I could easily pull it out if need be.  Instead of reading a good book or looking at my emails/FB on my “cell” I was constantly looking around for “suspicious” characters…

Then I saw an ad for a self defense session specifically for age 60 plus in English…I jumped at the chance to empower myself more…Learning some techniques of using our voice to scream “NO, NO…” while hitting the attacker in the face while holding the arm with the knife to the side, surprises and weakens…not to run away at first but to fight and then flight; the pepper spray being good for the bystander to help or after weakening him then using it….we were encourage to come to more classes; more are being offered in English and I hope to participate…

Feeling more empowered makes us feel more secure! Awareness and of course having “Emunah”(Faith) helps…..Wishing you all a very safe week….


A Senior Sighing…..but ending with a Smile….

“After the Chagim(Holidays)”….I was so looking forward to returning to regular routine…learning, working a bit, helping with grandchildren, volunteering, having reunions with friends,etc….and then, day after day we hear continuous bits of bad news. Yesterday morning, instead of having a reunion with a good “ol” friend here for just a week from America, I was helping here in Betel where the family of Rav Nechemia Lavi, HYD is sitting shiva at his parents’ home. When I brought Herby’s fresh baked goods to go with their breakfast which I helped prepare and serve, his mother and young wife and mother of 7 children could only comment on the abundant chesed(kindness) that everyone has been showing…I was grateful to have been given the early morning shift(8-11) so that I got to speak to the mourners a bit before the mobs of comforters started to come…Folks poured in from all over;from Knesset members to those who did not know anyone from the family but who just wanted to show their support…

27 years ago, when we were searching for the best place for us, I was sitting in the back of a tour bus which was taking us around to investigate potential places to live.  It was the beginning of the “intifada;”  I was nursing my then 2 month old son. Suddenly a rock was thrown at a window, glass splattering all over 2 friends, one of whom was thinking of moving to Shiloh…my first reaction was, how can we move to this “wild west” bank; her reaction was, we need to do so even more now….I realized that she was right!

Now, having raised our wonderful 6 children in this special settlement of Betel, I have been very grateful despite all of the challenges of living here. We couldn’t have asked for a more warm, giving, inspirational community.  I want to say to all of you out there, it’s time to come home to Israel… is very comforting to be in our own land and realize miracles do happen here everyday…in spite of all of the challenges….As they say, there’s power in numbers, the more the merrier….When Nefesh B’Nefesh flights arrive including seniors who I have helped bring here, it is very inspirational and empowering for us “vatikim”(old timers here)…..We must think positive…along with life’s “challenges” there is much good, especially being together with our own people….

Debbie Dan

Geriatric Consultant for Elderly Parents, Adult Children & Olim

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