Life-changing Events Can Cause a Change in Us….


Life goes on in a routine way and then suddenly, a big SHOCK….like losing a very close cousin who most of her almost 65 years was “full of life”…very active, in fact, the day before, playing and playing with her visiting Israeli grandchildren, running here and there, being the one to help and advise not only her 3 married children and grandchildren but also her husband who so recently was diagnosed with the dreaded “C”…one early morning, “here” still in bed saying good-by to her husband going out to early morning prayers, only a while later not being able to be awakened…As those of us far away got together to “mourn” and listen to a meaningful lesson in her memory, we realized that for her, it was a fast “good” death…for those left behind a terrible shock which is hard to come out of….

This causes viewing life through different “spectacles”…appreciating…

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