Feeling “burnt out”? Appreciate the new and different…

Now that we are in a new year, it is time to look forward to the “new” in our lives….Last week my husband and I went on a much needed short vacation to Eilat where we had not been in 15 years…after the pressures of holiday baking(my husband is the “famous” Herby of Herby’s Bake Shop), it was wonderful to leave the very cold Betel weather and in just 35 minutes fly to the warm sunny skies of Eilat where we were able to walk on flat streets(after those huge hotel breakfasts!), go to some of the tourist sites to which new attractions had been added since we were last there, just relax and not rush as in regular routines in our lives.(Even as a pensioner, I am constantly on the “go” to various activities as classes, volunteer work, babysitting as well as geriatric counseling!)

Getting away a bit, relaxing, etc allows time for reflections, appreciation of family and good friends(especially of our children who kept the bakery going allowing us this vacation), thinking about what else we want to do in our lives….for example, after hearing that learning to play a musical instrument is especially good for the brain, I am seriously thinking of getting a small electrical piano and taking some lessons(maybe along with a grandchild!) Before that, I will be helping our children who are expecting our new grandchildren, “b’shaa tova”(it should all go well).

So my tip for you today is to go out and search for the “new” in life to give “koach”(strength) to prevent that “burnt out” feeling….