“After the Holidays(Acharei Hachagim)”-Back to Routine????

The word “routine” brings to mind a sameness of everyday activities that gives us a relaxing feeling since we more or less know what to expect…However in my case, as a very active senior citizen every day is different since there is no real routine…I wake up each morning having to jog my brain into remembering which day it is and what I am doing…a day to rush and get out early to make wonderful shiurim(classes), or able to rest a bit longer to go volunteer in our local Golden Age Club where 3 days a week such wonderful exercise is offered ranging from “Paula”, Yoga and Bone Density exercise…together with interesting classes and wonderful social group.

This month is also Senior Citizen’s Month when there are special discounted activities offered all over Israel. Although we have had a bit of rain here this is the season to see many seniors groups on various “tiyulim”(trips).  During this month I myself offer to give a session on “Dealing With Aging Parents”…based on my personal and professional experience.(I will be speaking here in Betel for our “Time Bank” group on Nov. 20th at 8p.m. at our Matnas).

To sum up…the after the busy holiday period…when we think we look forward to going back to “routine” does not exist for us busy seniors when everyday brings something new….as I write this I am awaiting the birth of a new grandchild…all should go well-“B’shaa Tova”!!! Happy, Healthy Senior Citizens’ Month and “Back to Routine” to all…..

Debbie Dan

Geriatric Consultant for Elderly Parents, Adult Children & Olim

Guidance about Living Options, & Community Resources

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