Thankful and Thoughtful….

With Thanksgiving behind us and the holiday of miracles,Chanuka, before us, there is much to think about.  As we sat around our Thanksgiving table(we now have our festive turkey dinner on the Friday night Sabbath), we all mentioned something for which we are most thankful…The “small” things of just being with family, good friends in a warm environment; being able to live, raise our families in our own country where we are conscious of so many miracles each day…to name a few…

For me, especially after being at the birth of our newest grandson almost a month ago, just life itself is such a miracle…I have written before about my own miracle of birth at the end of the 6th month, weighing just 1 pound and 12 ounces(750 gram)…Yishai, our new grandson weighing 4.04 kilo(more than 8 pounds) had a bit of a hard time entering the world….having the privilege of being with my daughter during the birth, I saw once again the true miracle of having a healthy baby…..

As a retired Savta(grandma) who lives close to this beautiful baby and his big sis, I get to take the 3 year old to and from gan(kindergarten) most days…Along the way she stops to observe fallen colorful leaves to crunch, pretty winter flowers, airplanes flying above, talks about her friends and activities, etc….What a wonderful feeling to have her remind me of all of those fun things…walking with a grandparent to whom you can tell and talk about SO much….

Therefore, today’s “tip” for us grandparents…our role of just listening to our grandchildren for whom we are so thankful  is HUGE…no matter their age or stage, our “ear” is great to be near! Miracles of life are with us each day, so appreciate them in every way!

Debbie Dan

Geriatric Consultant for Elderly Parents, Adult Children & Olim

Guidance about Living Options, & Community Resources

A Helping Hand with Debbie Dan

Israeli Cell: 052-391-9328

American Phone 347-448-4177


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