A Thoughtful Thankful Thursday….

Yesterday as I was listening to the horrific news hour after hour of the catastrophic death of 10 teens as well as others injured from the sudden flash flood that hit Southern Israel….I was very thoughtful and thankful…Just a few days before I had been in my favorite place, the Ein Gedi spa with a friend for a bit of R&R; my son, the security man on trips with European teens was also hiking in that area the same day I was…

Even as I returned home from geriatric counseling  some elderly in the Jerusalem area during the past few days, the skies opened and more rain than anyone has seen this time of year simply came pouring down…We pray that G-d gives us rain as a “blessing” and not a “curse”…now we see why….Rain can do so much good but can also damage…

What can we do?  Look into ourselves, pray and improve.. ….it is that time of year between the holiday of freedom(Passover) and our receiving our Torah(Shavuot)…we are counting the days and weeks until that holiday when we are working to improve ourselves….It just so happens that I was at a Torah class yesterday morning discussing this “Sefirat HaOmer” time…a fragile time for farmers who are hoping their wheat crops are not destroyed by rain; it is a miracle when all grows and works out just right…

We need to be thankful for what we have at any age and stage of life(finding a wife, no strife). Everyday little miracles deserve a big thank you, to a G-d who takes care  of us-old and new….

Debbie Dan

Geriatric Consultant for Elderly Parents, Adult Children & Olim

Guidance about Living Options, & Community Resources

A Helping Hand with Debbie Dan

Israeli Cell: 052-391-9328

American Phone 347-448-4177

Email: debbiedan1@gmail.com 

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