Thankful, Thoughtful, Thriving….

This end of the “old” year and start of the new is a time for reflection…we are so very thankful for all of the good that Hashem has bestowed upon us this past year…2 new grandchildren(Peni’s now 10 monthh old Yishai and Bina’s 7 month old Tova Bracha); After a bit of a scare that the bakery would have to move, the famous Herby’s Bake Shop is staying in its present location “rolling in more dough” than ever especially at this time of year! Our children are following their passions: Shana is involved in a course to become a “Healthy life style” mentor along with continuing her translation business at home so that she can have “gan ima” for her stay at home 2 and a half year old. The big event of the summer was their Yitzie’s Bar Mitzva; nothing beats family reunions…I am happy that the Bormaster girls are taking dance/gymnastics while both boys are into basketball. Bina and her girls are involved in art and sewing; Bina this year is giving an art chug along with her work at the Matnas(community center). Shlomo loves his new high tech job while the Beychok boys are happy in first grade and gan 4…Meir is doing a great job as the bakery’s manager while Yona pursues her higher degree in counseling. Yedidya also just started 1st grade while little Maayani is in a more active play group.

Looking forward to Ayal and Yeela’s providing us with another grandchild right after the holidays(he/she will break the present tie!), “B’shaa Tova”..They are very happy in their home in Bat Ayin; Ayal has left the bakery to pursue his passion of gardening.  However in pressured bakery times as now he comes in to help.  Avi is also working away day and night at the bakery.  he takes off during the summer to be the security/logistics man with groups of students coming in to tour. Peni and family are looking forward to moving after the holidays to a more permanent home in Nofei Prat near Kfar Adumin where she has a job teaching 5th grade. Itamar is working in the ER at Hadassah hospital while in the nursing program at Machon Lev.

I pray that Hashem gives us “Koach”(strength) to continue doing all that we want to do. Grateful that Herby loves his profession with which he should continue to provide his scrumptious baked goods to his many customers for many years to come.  I hope to continue to help children with our wonderful “jewels” along with volunteering with seniors, a bit of work in consulting along with “learning”…

Wishing everyone a very Happy, Healthy, Fulfilling year, us Dan Clan