Everything is for the Best….

Memories……As we are approaching the “High Holidays,”we are looking back upon the ups and downs of the past year….While we have been having heat wave weather here in Israel, America has suffered from hurricanes, much displacement, damage and despair..

There has been a lot of “new” during the past year….new homes, jobs, friends becoming grandparents for the first time, family celebrations…looking forward to more “news” in the coming year…

This past weekend was my 50 year high school reunion of George Washington High School in Danville, Va.  As many of my former classmates most of whom I have not seen in 50 years, were partying and remembering our “class of ’67” I could not help but reminisce about other events of 50 years ago….

Our graduation was in June on a Friday night…since it was our Sabbath, I did not go…instead I spent that Sabbath with good, close friends in Richmond. It must have been right after or even  during the 6 Day War when we were praying for Israel and felt euphoric when they won the war….I just happened to have a Shabbat guest for lunch this week who told of his experience of volunteering to help Israel, his first time there, at this crucial time….

Although I was very disappointed that this 50 year reunion was at such an inconvenient time for those of us in Israel to attend, everything is for the best since right after the Holidays,we are expecting  new family “additions” which I would not have wanted to miss! In seeing some of the pictures, I have not yet recognized anyone…so that maybe it would not be such a good feeling to see how everyone has “aged”! No matter what, we are all “young” at heart….

My “tip” of the day is to keep active and gay to drive those “doldrums” away!

A Happy, Healthy New Year to y’all,

Debbie Dan

Geriatric Consultant for Elderly Parents, Adult Children & Olim

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Floods, Funerals, Firsts…..

This sure was a week of “F’s”….The third and biggest Houston Hurricane in the past years which left much destruction, death, and despair.  My daughter’s in-laws having gone through this twice before in recent years knew that they were definitely in the flood zone, so along with their cute little dog, they went to a hotel.  However, their son with 3 children including twin babies thinking that they would be safe on the second floor, had to be evacuated by boat…

While in the midst of my wonderful “shiurim”{classes} Sunday morning, I got the shocking news of 2 funerals from the Efrat community, one of whom was a distant cousin…one was a popular Rav who had been in a coma for several years; the other relatively young and sudden leaving a young wife, children and parents…I went to that very sad, emotional funeral, filled with family, friends, community members from many walks of life…In fact, a reunion of those we had not seen in many a year…May Hashem give them the strength they need to carry on…..

Today is the first official day of school in Israel…As we see our little grandchildren excitingly get ready for this big day…buying new backpacks, clothes, shoes, supplies, there is such a feeling of pride and hope for the future.  Us parents and grandparents have been looking forward to our “freedom” from babysitting, having noise and commotion around the house, and happy to get back to our usual routine!

May this new month, new time of year be the start of many new hopes, dreams come true, with much Health, Happiness, Hope…..