A First-Spending a Holiday at our Grand/Children….

A new age and stage…when children prefer to spend the holiday in their own home and community…to me, one of the main customs of the holiday of Simchat Torah is dancing with grandchildren, grand/fathers carrying the small “tots” who are waving flags as they ride their fathers/grandfathers’ shoulders.  Since this holiday there would be no grandchildren in our community to do this, I said that we must go where the grandchildren are…we therefore headed “down South” to the new community of Even Shmuel where we spent a very lively holiday…

Even Shmuel happens to be an older settlement of mostly “Tsfardic” Jews which just a few years ago was “flooded” with an influx of new immigrants, mostly Ashkenaz from the West….there is now a new very “Anglo” neighborhood of young families.  As I sat with the “savtas” some who live there and some like me who came to visit for the holiday, I felt such “deja vu”….going back 28 years when we had moved to Betel as a young family of 4 children as my daughter has now with a “savta” visiting for holidays….

What a wonderful feeling watching both communities dance with their various kinds of Torahs together in the outside sun; what fun for the children who were counting their candies which had been thrown at the various “chatanim” who had been honored…

I couldn’t help think of “As the World Turns”….Customs that get handed down from generation to generation…and am very thankful that in our generation we were able to continue such traditions in the Holy land of Israel…which is truly “home” wherever we are celebrating such “simcha” together…


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