Moving is a one of life’s biggest  challenges. About 2 weeks ago, I spent the week helping my daughter and family pack and prepare for the big move from the “big settlement” of Betel to a much smaller one down south. Right in the middle of that week I got a phone call which shook me up to the core…A good friend also from the “South” of this country  called to give me some hard news to hear…another mutual friend with whom we were all in youth group together from our teen days, an active person in varied organizations was quite suddenly discovered to have the “C” disease in a place for which she was about to have hours of surgery, reconstruction, have to undergo extensive therapies, etc…The modern age of “whatsapp” was enabling us friends to not only have a support group for her, be able to be informed of how she was doing but also to say Tehillim(psalms) together…

While packing, saying Tehillim, constantly looking and writing on the whatsapp…the end of that week brought more shocking, hard to hear news of two terrible terrorists attacks: the teen stabbed in her bed while sleeping and the very next day, the father of 10 killed…

Continuing to say Tehillim, dedicating shiurim in memory of and for Refuah Shlaima(a quick recovery of) …makes us feel like we are doing something to help….our friend writes that she gets strength from all of us whom she feels is surrounding her; not only do the families of those killed get strength from those coming to the shiva(mourning house) but they also give strength to those coming…we get strength from our friend….

Last week I went down South to visit my daughter and family in their beautiful new home; relieved to see the children happily playing with new friends which they had made instantly; I felt the sincere “Southern Hospitality” of the folks there welcoming a new family…A new start…hope…we must appreciate and dwell on the positives in life….

Tip for the Day:  When life looks down, look around…search for the good…it will put you in a better mood, then keep on going “up”(progress) as you should!





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