Passover, A Time for Memories…..

This year I simply loved the Pesach(Passover) preparations with getting the house sparkling clean, not only getting rid of clutter but also finding many valuable items which we had forgotten existed as well as invaluable memory items-one of these was some “old fashioned” tapes; As I went walking this morning to rid myself of the many calories gained from this holiday, I listened on my also old fashioned walk man which I am thankful I had not thrown away. I picked the tape of an interview of me from 17 years ago by Liora Silverstein on the Arutz 7 “Aishet Chayil” show in honor of Senior Citizens Month in Israel.  I along with my colleague Bernie Shwartz spoke about Aging, Dementia, what happens to our memory and the many positive activities that can help retain our strengths….

Going out to clubs such as the Melabev Memory Club(being social as opposed to isolation which leads to depression), exercise(physical as well as mental) are examples of what can help maintain our minds as well as our bodies.  During this holiday vacation season is a good time to play those memory games with grandchildren(banana-grams, scrabble, lotto, those cards that have questions and answers on the back about the holiday, etc)

Tip of the Day:  Don’t despair if your memory seems lost; Just remember that you are the boss! You can reach back to days gone by, sharing memories with grandchildren will give you all a “high”!

Happy Holiday to y’all,

Debbie Dan

Geriatric Consultant for Elderly Parents, Adult Children & Olim

Guidance about Living Options, & Community Resources

A Helping Hand with Debbie Dan

Israeli Cell: 052-391-9328

American Phone 347-448-4177



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