Appreciating Life’s “Little” Miracles…..

I have just returned from helping our daughter and family after the birth of our 12th grandchild….her 6th(3rd boy), our 12th(we now have an “even tribe” of grandchildren….) While she was going through a rather difficult birth, I was home with the rest of the gang ranging in age from 10 and a half to almost 3….It’s a good thing that I am a “morning person,” able to get up early to prepare the mid-morning snacks, lunches, a bit of breakfast before sending them off to school and then walking up the hill to take the 4 year old to his “gan”along with the cute little “miss terrific  three  who returned home with me where we had “gan savta”(she is usually in “gan ima”)…while she took her morning nap, I tried to get the house in order, think about lunch, dinner, letting folks know about the birth and upcoming brit(circumcision ceremony)…I feel that G-d gives “koach”(energy, strength) to those who need it as I normally would never be on the “go” so much…

I take my hat off to my amazing son-in-law who without much sleep(being with his wife through the labor, birth and afterwards) came home late to help with kids, plan the Shabbat which included a “Shalom Zachor”(friends came over Friday night to welcome the new baby with song, a bit of learning and refreshments), plan the brit(lots of organization needed) plus going to his regular work….My daughter from her hospital bed as well as when she came home was the behind the scenes organizer of the family and events surrounding the baby…

My “job” as “HELPER” cannot be underestimated….they surprised me with a show of appreciation by a gift of much needed “massage” which so appreciatively relaxed my tense and somewhat achy bones…Now back at home, although I miss the growing family which is only a two hour trip away, I must admit to appreciating a bit of quiet and now being a bit pampered by the family left at home who I see are greatly appreciating my presence!

Not only has little Yehuda Simcha shown us the miracle of birth for both mother and baby but also the miracles of all that is surrounding it-simply being able to do and accomplish all that needs to be done! We are all very thankful(the name Yehuda means “thank”) and are full of happiness(Simcha)…TIP for the day….appreciate all of life’s miracles, little and big that come your way!


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