Chanuka….a time for Memories and Miracles….

As we approach this “Holiday of Lights” it is a time to bring light into our lives by thinking of all of the miracles that have befallen us…last night I heard a very emotional miracle story of a woman who woke up from a clinical death experience, after being in a coma for several weeks….she spoke of how song, prayer and love surrounding her surely helped this miracle to happen; family, friends and acquaintances from years gone by were constantly at her side encouraging her. These miracles are so worth sharing that I must again share my own especially at this time of year…

I was born at the end of the 6th month weighing just 1 pound and 12 ounces.  My mother had had several miscarriages before me and one after. Later it was found out she she placenta previa which today can be treated. However, more than half a century ago, this was not the case and it was a true miracle that I survived.  Pediatrician Dr. Samuel Newman came to the hospital in the small town of Danville, Va. to feed me personally with an eye dropper.  My mother was not allowed to see me for 3 weeks as they did not think that I would survive.  Dr. Newman sent me home with a nurse since he was afraid I would get an infection in the hospital. The rest is history…except…

Just before my first birthday, I was playing out in my back yard where there were pine trees all around.  It seems that I started eating some pine needles and started to choke; my grandmother who was babysitting called my parents who zoomed home, rushed me to Duke University Hospital where a specialist took out each pine needle one by one…they say that I woke up on my first birthday with smiles….that also was a true miracle…

Today, living in Israel with my 6 wonderful children and 11 plus grandchildren we see miracles every day….As the first Prime Minister of Israel, David Ben Gurion expressed, “Living in Israel, if you don’t believe in miracles, you’re not a realist”!

During this Chanuka Season, light up your lives by thinking of all of the daily miracles that have happened…..May it be a joyful season for all….


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