Seniors and Succot…..

As I am preparing to make the traditional stuffed cabbage for Succot, I realized what a wonderful inter- generational activity cooking for Succot could be….Stuffed cabbage, also known as “holishkes, Sarmas de Kol or “kruv memuleh” could start a discussion of family traditional recipes, handling down special ones to the next generation as well as explaining the reason why…Besides cabbage being in season at this time of year, when 2 “holishes” are placed together, they look like a “Torah” which we celebrate the completion and beginning of on Simchat Torah. Making succot decorations is another wonderful activity to do together…I love having my grandchildren teach me holiday songs they learn in gan. During the intermediate, Chol Hamoed days, there are many senior/child friendly “tiyulim”…so take advantage of having a Savta in the family…remember, “A Bubby in the home brings a Bracha to the home”…..


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