“Change is Good for the Brain” but May not be Good for the Body

September 2, 2014

“Change is Good for the Brain”  but May not be Good for the Body….

…..It’s wedding season….trying to get in many simchas after Tisha B’av and before “the Chagim”….In planning a wedding, it’s not just the wedding day itself…there is the Shabbat Chatan or “ufruf”(the Shabbat before the wedding); the wedding and then sheva brachot which could be during the week or for a whole Shabbat which may include Melave Malka…there are many preparations for food, guests, family in addition to the bride and groom and the big wedding day itself…

  Where is Savta, Bubbie, Grandma, Omah in all of this happy but overwhelming  period….? Especially for an older grandparent who may be ill physically or mentally (alzheimer’s or other type of dementia), it is important to be aware of and avoid  “pitfalls”….

  Although Savta or Saba may be happy to see old family and friends, be happy at the simcha, it would be advisable to shorten the evening for him. The loud music, so much stimulation of seeing So many family and friends at once (many of whom he may not recognize or remember), dimmed lights which may be part of the hall’s decor, food served so late at night…may all be too overwhelming; I would recommend having

an escort just for him. Arrange a ride back after he has had a bite to eat and has danced a dance with the chatan or Kalla…It would be best if he could keep to his routine during the whole wedding period as much as possible.

  It is said that it is good for the brain to experience changes such as switching pictures  or furniture around, painting a room a new color, or to learn a new language but for an older frailer (grand)parent, it is best to stick to routine as much as possible.

  If you are an adult child concerned about your parent or have any questions about Senior Care, please contact me at debbiedan1@gmail.com or call 0523919328.


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